Two handwritten notes on the storefront said it all.

"Sorry! We are closed due to the fact that Claire's does not pay or appreciate their employees enough. We are tired of it! Bye"

"PSA: CUSTOMERS: Retail workers are tired. Stay kind & respectful, or stay home. This location has run 2 good people ragged."

Chances are at some point we've all felt and wanted to outwardly express one of or both of the sentiments these employees actually did. Claire's employees at Jordan Creek Mall in West Des Moines left no doubt about how they're feeling in the current environment of staff shortages and a perceived lack of respectful treatment and appreciation for those stretched thin just trying to help and to make ends meet.

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The display was later shared on Facebook by a customer with a really long plea of their own that has since gone viral.

Claire's, for their part, noticed the statement that was being made and made one of their own, according to We Are Iowa.

Claire’s, as a result of the pandemic, has faced staffing challenges like much of the retail and service industry. We value all of our employees and are constantly working to allow each individual to prosper through competitive pay, benefits and personal growth. We will continue to strive to be a great place to work

The woman who shared the original post said she hopes it serves as a reminder to us to be kinder to service and retail staff who are doing their best, especially since they're willing to work while many companies have to offer sign-on bonuses just to attract employees.

Meanwhile, a recent survey noted that almost all soon-to-be college graduates are eager to find some sort of face-to-face, in-person work even if it's entry-level to start with, so hopefully, the frustrated employees like the kind at Jordan Creek Claire's can soon get some relief.

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