The Insane Inflatable 5k presented by GoDaddy is coming up June 20th and 21st in Cedar Rapids! It will mark the first time I've ever run in a competitive race. But, I've also heard the term 'Fun Run' tossed around, too. So what will I be running -- a 5k or a fun run?

While the run itself will be fun, the Insane Inflatable event is a true 5k. What is a 5k? The 'k' stands for kilometer which is .61 of a mile. So a 5k is a run of 3.1 miles. The 5k has become one of the most popular running events nationwide because the length is short enough for beginners to tackle, yet long enough for veteran runners to test their speed on. Throw in 11 inflatable obstacles and you've got 3.1 miles of fun!

So what is a 'Fun Run'? It's a fairly broad category. It can be a run of any length that's not run competitively. Runners will often dress up in costumes or have team themes. Fun Runs are also often times companion events to a longer run like a 5k. So, yes, I'll be running my first 5k in June. But I'm guessing it will still be a fun run I won't soon forget!