A new update to the popular app Snapchat happened this week, and some people aren't very pleased!

The first major update to Snapchat is the new "Discover" feature. If you swipe left on your phone, you are now directed to the "Discover" page, where you can see Snapchat stories for different media outlets. This includes Food Network, Yahoo News, CNN, National Geographic, and more. They feature things like videos, news articles, recipes, and photos. I don't know how often I, personally, would use the page, but I can see the positives behind it.

Now, the part that is outraging teens everywhere: The elimination of Snapchat "Best Friends." For those of you unfamiliar with the app, when you click on someone in your Snapchat contacts, you can see the top 3 people that person snaps, also known as their "Best Friends." Well, not anymore! And some users in relationships are a bit mad about it. Twitter blew up yesterday with all types of comments about how easy it is for cheaters to cheat using Snapchat, since their significant others now have no way to see who exactly they're snapping. To be honest, I think it's pretty overdramatic. If you think your S.O. is cheating, you probably shouldn't be with them in the first place. And, if they are a cheater, they are probably using other sources to cheat, anyways. Not just Snapchat.

No worries, though. The Snapchat CEO says Snapchat "Best Friends" WILL return at some point.

What do you think of the new Snapchat update?

Get more details HERE and HERE.

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