Every Thursday we highlight a problem from a listener. We give our advice and ask other listeners to offer advice. Welcome to the Counseling Corner.

Dear Brain and Courtlin,

I was hoping your listeners could give me some parenting advice. My daughter is 15-years-old and a freshman in high school, and she was asked to prom this week by one of her male friends who is 18-years-old and a senior. We are not overly-strict parents and my daughter is fairly responsible, but I'm not really sure this is a great idea. First of all, prom is very expensive. She doesn't have a job yet, so we would have to pay for everything. That includes the dress, shoes, ticket, her seat in the limo, and everything else that comes along with going to prom. She also wants to go to the after-party, but I have only met this guy a handful of times, so I don't know if I trust him. He is one of the only seniors she knows, so I'm not sure if I'm comfortable sending her out with just him watching out for her. I understand it's a big deal to be asked to prom as a freshman, but I'm just a little nervous about it. Have other parents out there let their 15-year-old daughter go to prom with a senior? Am I being too over-protective? Please help.


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