UPDATE:  The serial 'Dine and Dasher' has been caught. A Facebook post from a restaurant in Cedar Rapids put Tracy Haas in the spotlight for dining and ditching at several restaurants in the corridor. Amazingly, he tried it again! This time at an Applebees in Davenport!

This time, Haas ran out of luck as he was arrested shortly after trying to ditch before paying his bill. He was taken to the Scott County Jail on an interstate retainer. It appears his days of eating for free are OVER! Thanks to our sister station 97X in the Quad Cities for the update!


An Eastern Iowa man is in hot water over what's called the 'Dine and Dash'. That's when you eat at a local restaurant and then leave before you pay the bill. A real classy move that one man has been pulling on area restaurants for a while now. But people have finally had enough.

Cedar Rapids police confirmed to KCRG that Tracy Haas is a suspect in a dine and dash that happened at Vernon's Bar and Grill last week. Court records show that Haas has been doing this at restaurants for years across the state of Iowa. The owner of Fieldhouse First Avenue recently snapped a photo of Haas after he dined and dashed there last week. Carrie Kraklie took the following photo and shared it on Facebook. Other restaurant owners did the same, hoping to stop Haas from dining and dashing at their establishments.

Workers at numerous restaurant say that Haas is very polite and often will say that he's meeting someone who is taking care of the bill. He then steps out to smoke a cigarette and never comes back. KCRG confirms Haas has 15 theft charges on his record for dining and dashing.

Police are urging the public not to confront Haas, but to write down his license plate number and report it to police if he tries to dine and dash again.


[via KCRG, 97X]

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