What a great way to help somebody out this holiday season!

While scrolling Facebook this week, I came across an amazing volunteer organization that has a presence right here in Eastern Iowa! It's called Lasagna Love, and it was started by a woman named Rhiannon Menn back at the beginning of the pandemic. According to the official website:

"Lasagna Love is a global nonprofit and grassroots movement that aims to positively impact communities by connecting neighbors with neighbors through homemade meal delivery. We also seek to eliminate stigmas associated with asking for help when it is needed most. Our mission is simple: feed families, spread kindness, and strengthen communities."

Here's how it works: If you or someone you know is going through a hard time, whether that be financially, physically, or emotionally, you can request to have a home-cooked lasagna delivered. You simply fill out a form online, get matched with a local volunteer "lasagna chef" based on your zip code, and coordinate a day and time to have the meal sent over. It's super easy, and there are volunteers all over Eastern Iowa!

If you're someone who enjoys cooking and would like to volunteer for Lasagna Love, that's an option, too! The system is very flexible, so when you fill out your application, you can choose how often you'd like to be matched to a family and how far you're willing to deliver. Here's a video with a little more information for you:

If you aren't a very good cook or simply don't have the time, you can also help Lasagna Love with donations. There are five different membership levels beginning at only $21 per month. See all the different ways you can help contribute HERE.

Thanks to Lasagna Love, over 100,000 meals have been delivered to people and families all over the world! You can read more about the organization and the impact its made HERE.

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