Some recent comments from President Trump involving wind turbines and wind energy have gotten the attention of leaders from Iowa, including the state's senior Senator. Iowa has benefited more than nearly any other state from wind energy, so when some conspiracy theories about the form of energy began to make the rounds, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley felt the need to set the record straight.

President Trump shared an unproven conspiracy theory about wind turbines. Grassley says that he wishes the White House would educate the President on the issue. Trump claimed that noise from the turbines causes cancer. Grassley said the President was probably kidding. He also pointed out that Trump has not taken action against policy like the Wind Energy Tax Credit, which was championed by Grassley nearly 25 years ago.

Tim Arnold with Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids said researchers have found no issues with the turbine on their campus. No health issues have been reported or hazards to migratory birds. Wind turbines produce more than a third of the energy needs for the state of Iowa.


[via CBS2]

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