Tuesday, May 1 is the one-year anniversary of the death of Mark Burbridge. Mark was a deputy in Pottawattamie County, in southwest Iowa, when he was shot and killed by an escaping prisoner.

Over the last seven months, KETV reports several artists worked on the 'Horse of Honor,' as a tribute to the man who spent 17 years in Iowa law enforcement. In the beginning, the artists spent a lot of time listening to stories about the man they were tasked with honoring.

Sergeant Jason Lemaster told KCCI,

The descriptions, the paintings, everything on the horse, this is who Mark was as a person.

Burbridge's friends and former co-workers think the memorial will also help them heal from the tragedy. The day Burbridge was killed, Dustin Ceder was working in the jail. He shared his thoughts on the memorial with KCCI:

Try to find the good things that we remember and not dwell on the bad things, or negative things. And this will definitely help us with that. And it'll help carry on the legacy of Mark and the kind of person that he was.



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