Although Sam Hunt is now a happily married man, his new album will be filled with heartbreak. The "Break Up in a Small Town" singer revealed that his next album will feature a mixture of upbeat tunes and tracks that will explore heartbreak.

"Yeah for sure, pretty much the rest of the record," the 34-year-old tells Taste of Country in regard to if there would be any sad or heartwrenching songs on his upcoming sophomore album.

"That's the easiest for me [writing heartbreak music], that's all I ever wrote," he confesses. Hunt's debut album, Montevallo, was almost entirely a record about heartbreak, something that had come naturally to him in terms of songwriting.

"When I went to put out a record, my producer, he's the opposite, he doesn't like anything unless it makes him feel good," he continues. "I think that really helped balance me."

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Hunt shares that most of the songs he sent to his producer weren't happy ones.

"All of the sad songs that was coming in, he was like, 'Man, we need something upbeat and fun,'" Hunt adds. "So he helped me, I guess, pull that out a little bit, more than I would have otherwise. But the other songs are a little easier for me to come by, so there are going to be some of those on the record."

The new album will have upbeat songs that will be ready for your listening pleasure, including Hunt's latest single, "Kinfolks." The new track has a lyric that gives a shoutout to his mother. "Get Joanie on the phone, she'll leave us on a light," he sings in the second verse.

Did his mother approve of the song?

"She did send me a text, I can't remember exactly what it said but something sweet about how much she liked that line," he says with a smile. "I'm glad she approved."

Hunt has yet to reveal a release date or further details about his sophomore album.

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