What you see above is the aftermath of a crash along I-380 in Linn County last week. The white van crashed into two vehicles that were stopped along the roadway. The first vehicle struck is the one at left, known as a Highway Helper truck. The driver of that truck was stopped to help another vehicle when the accident happened. The impact of the crash pushed the other vehicle totally out of the frame.

Thankfully the driver of the Highway Helper truck wasn't injured, but others were. It led the Iowa DOT to post the below this morning with a plea for drivers to pay attention. When you watch the video below, you won't be surprised that not everyone came out unscathed.

The driver will not only have an expensive insurance claim they were also breaking the law even before they crashed into the two stopped vehicles. In 2002, Iowa passed a Move Over, Slow Down law requiring vehicles to move over or slow down for "stopped emergency vehicles with flashing lights." July 1, 2017, utility maintenance vehicles were added to the law.

Please be safe and pay full attention to your driving. Your life, and the lives of those around you, could depend on it.


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