When you ask most of us the image that comes to mind at the first Thanksgiving, many of us will site a picture of the Pilgrims and Indians coming together for dinner and thanks. It's an image and story hammered into us as kids. The real Thanksgiving story is much less glamorous. The National Geographic channel attempts to tell that real story in a 2 part mini-series beginning tonight called 'Saints and Strangers'.

The story is far from the simple one our children learn. It follows the Pilgrims on their trip on the Mayflower and the early struggles they faced in colonizing the new world. It looks at the power struggles within that group as well. The show will also dive deep into the story of the Indian tribes in the area at the time as well. How authentic is the show? The language spoken by the Indians is the actual dialect from the 1600's. Only 20 people in the world speak it today! The series itself was filmed in South Africa, but the sets, villages and costumes are all said to be authentic to the period.


You can check out part one of 'Saints and Strangers' tonight on the National Geographic channel at 8 pm Iowa time.