Rodney Atkins is set to release his fifth studio album, and his first full-length studio album since 2011's Take a Back Road, this spring. Caught Up in the Country is coming in May.

Atkins has put the time between albums to good use: He released a Greatest Hits project in 2015, married the love of his life, Rose Falcon, and expanded his family. "I’ve spent the last 5 years pretty much doing 2 things: being in love and making this album," Atkins shares on Instagram, "and I can’t wait for you to hear it."

Ahead of Caught Up in the Country's release, we've rounded up all of the important details about Atkins' new album. Read on for everything you need to know about his latest music.

The Title

Atkins is calling his new album Caught Up in the Country. The album takes its title from its first single.

The Release Date

Caught Up in the Country is set for release on May 10. Fans can pre-order it now.

The Record Label

Atkins has been signed to Curb Records since 1996. His new album will be released on that same label.

The Album Cover

Rodney Atkins Caught Up in the Country
Curb Records

Atkins shared the cover of Caught Up in the Country in mid-February. The album cover features an image of Atkins strolling through a lush, green field in an early morning mist.

The Producer

Caught Up in the Country was produced by Atkins along with Ted Hewitt and Blake Bollinger.

The Single

The lead single and title track from Caught Up in the Country was a special collaboration between Atkins and the historic Fisk Jubilee Singers, from Nashville's Fisk College. Atkins dropped the track in March of 2018.

"Square bales, flat beds, clotheslines, sunsets, sky blue, barn red / Windchimes, front porch, good dogs, wood floors, work boots, open doors / Miles and miles of John Deere green / Freedom far as I can see / The road to run and room to breathe," Adkins sings in "Caught Up in the Country." "That's who I am and I'll always be / Caught up in the country / The only way I wanna be / Somewhere where the road ends / Out there where the creek bends / That's where you can find me." 

The Songs

In addition to the title track of Caught Up in the Country, Atkins has shared "My Life," a sentimental look at all of the things that the singer loves about himself because of their connections to his family: "I love my eyes 'cause you look into 'em / I love my name 'cause you say it, baby," he sings. "I love my heart 'cause you stole it / My kiss 'cause you want it / My mind 'cause you own it every minute / I love my life 'cause you're in it."

The song was inspired by Atkins' wife Rose Falcon's grandparents, who were married more than 70 years, and Atkins used the lyric video for the track to announce that he and Falcon are expecting their second baby together. "My Life" was co-written by Atkins and Falcon.

In fact, Falcon contributed as a songwriter and joins Atkins for two tracks on the album: "Everybody's Got Something"  and "Figure Out You (Riddle)."

Rodney Atkins, Caught Up in the Country Track Listing:

1. "Burn Something"
2. "Caught Up in the Country" (feat. Fisk Jubilee Singers)
3. "Figure Out You (Riddle)" (feat. Rose Falcon)
4. "Thank God for You"
5. "So Good"
6. "What Lonely Looks Like"
7. "My Life"
8. "Cover Me Up"
9. "All My Friends Are Drunk"
10. "Young Man"
11. Everybody's Got Something" (feat. Rose Falcon)
12. "Waiting on a Good Day"

The Tour

Atkins hasn't released any tour information yet. We will update here when that news is available.

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