Two popular Cedar Rapids restaurants are undergoing some major changes!

In case you didn't know, both Riley's Cafe and Broken Spoke in Cedar Rapids have been closed since April because of an accidental fire. According to KCRG, "the fires started as a result of radiant heat exposure that ignited wood behind the stainless steel surrounding the stove." 

The restaurants, located on Sylvia Ave, are going to be getting a revival very soon thanks to a local restaurant owner by the name of Ryan Evans. He currently owns both The Blind Pig and Cocktails and Co. in Cedar Rapids. He has purchased both Riley's Cafe and Broken Spoke, and has knocked down the wall between the two restaurants to form one giant eatery. It will be called Pedalers Fork.

We don't know much about Pedalers Fork just yet, but owner Ryan has some cool ideas like smart mirrors and phone charging stations at the bar. He hopes to have it open sometime in early 2020.

If the food is anything like the food at The Blind Pig, I am IN. Their nachos are some of my favorite in all of Eastern Iowa!

You can hear more from Ryan's interview by visiting KCRG's website HERE.

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