We've had some pretty strange food combinations thrown at us during 'Taste Bud Trivia'. Some of them weren't bad (hello Doritos and cottage cheese), while others have been plain awful. I'd say today's fell someplace in between. Some people like ranch on everything, or salsa on everything. Today, we honor those folks who love ketchup on everything! Danielle found today's food combination on a list and decided that ketchup on rice sounded like a good snack for us. Now, I like rice. I like ketchup. But Danielle drenched our rice in it! It was way too tangy for my taste! Check out the video and see who had to eat the more of this not so tasty treat!

Remember, if you have a strange or gross food suggestion for 'Taste Bud Trivia' you can tell us about it! If it isn't too gross, we just might use it on our next episode!

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