The picture being painted by an attorney for the Jaramillo family, and by fire department and dispatch records, is one of confusion as riders were trapped under a raft at the Raging River ride at the theme park. Lawyer Ryan Best says that he was told that staff members stood around as the Jaramillo family was trapped beneath the waters, according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette.

11 year old Michael Jaramillo died after the raft flipped. His 16 year old brother David was critically injured. The Gazette reports that he was taken out of a medically induced coma, but remains on life support. Best stated that the first people to help the Jaramillo family were first responders when the arrived at the park. Adventureland officials have not responded to his claims, but have said that worker action at the park was "prompt."

The Gazette reports that fire department records and radio traffic from dispatchers also paints a picture of the response to the accident. A review of the reports show:

  • The entrance designated for emergency responders was chained shut when firefighters arrived.
  • Off duty Altoona police and firefighters working for the park were the first to arrive, but they and Adventureland security were NOT notified of the accident by park employees.
  • The first time 911 operators heard of the accident was from a bystander, and there was confusion about the name of the ride, and it's location in the park.
  • Ride operators either did not or could not perform CPR.

Park officials also declined to comment on whether or not a quick release valve, common on such water rides, was used after the accident. Firefighters reported 2 feet of water in the ride when they arrived, according to the Gazette. Meanwhile, a pastor for the church that the Jaramillo family attends, does not believe the family has heard from Adventureland park officials.

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