November 6th is the greatest food holiday of them all!

If I had a dollar for every time someone has talked to me about nachos, I would be rich enough to buy some every day for the rest of my life. Just about every person in my life knows that nachos are my favorite food. I mean, just look at this seductive photo:

Those nachos are actually my favorite on the planet, and they're located at a place called Boat Works in my hometown of St. Clair Shores, Michigan. I don't have to drive 8 hours to get good nachos, though. There's plenty of amazing nachos right here in Eastern Iowa! Here are some of my favorites from local restaurants:

  • Fuzzy's Taco Shop in Coralville
  • Pub 217 in Cedar Rapids
  • Wild Hogs in Walford
  • Blue42 in Cedar Rapids
  • Axel's in Cedar Rapids
  • The General Store in Stone City
  • Rock Bar in Cedar Rapids
  • Villa's Patio in Marion

What's your favorite place in Eastern Iowa to order nachos? Share yours in the comments!

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