Most of us are looking forward to the end of 2020. Some of us are just happy November is over. Last month proved to be the deadliest yet for the state of Iowa as the battle against coronavirus continues.

The Gazette reports that November saw a record 668 people die due to COVID-19. That came after the state set that same record the month before in October with 372 deaths. November didn't just beat the record, it nearly doubled it. According to national databases, Iowa currently ranks 6th worst in the nation in coronavirus deaths per 100,000 residents.

The Gazette reports that November also brought the most ever confirmed cases of the virus in our state since the pandemic began back in March. Iowa added 101,574 cases in November. That nearly doubled in just one month, the total number of cases that Iowa accumulated in the past seven months. That is how bad November has been. COVID-19 was bad in Iowa in October. November was like a bomb went off. 28 more Iowans lost their lives according to statistics released on November 30th, bringing Iowa's total death count to 2,403.

So what will December bring? Hospitalization numbers were down yesterday for the sixth day in a row, which is good news. But what will the Thanksgiving holiday do to numbers in the next several weeks? While many of us stayed home, millions more traveled and gathered, despite CDC warnings. What will the Christmas holiday look like in 2020?

Yes, vaccines are on the way. But we can't let our guard down. We can't afford to set any more records.

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