One year ago today, my parents stopped by and dropped off a gift. They were cleaning out some of their old items at the house and came across what was left of their old record collections. Included were albums from the Beatles, The Beach Boys, John Denver, and more. It wasn't long before I bought a used turntable, some cheap speakers and I was on my way!

Little did I know that my journey was just beginning. I learned about the different conditions of records when collecting and purchasing them. I learned how to store them and clean and take care of them. I also began to demand more from my equipment. I upgraded to a nicer turntable. Got nice speakers, and a vintage receiver from the 1970's.

With the upgrade in equipment, my record collection also grew. Not just in number, but in quality. I love finding bargain bin records that I want, but you have to be willing to pay a bit more for the rare ones in nice condition. I paid $25 for Sticky Fingers by The Rolling Stones, but it's a classic in great condition.

Year one of record collecting is in the books and I can tell you that it has become my passion. Listening to them, finding them, cataloging them online. Yep. I'm a record nerd.

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