Rascal Flatts will be releasing their 10th studio album in May, the band members announced on the Ellen DeGeneres Show March 3. The guys stopped by the show to perform “Yours if You Want It,” their new single.

The band says the new album reminds them of their early sound from the first few albums in their career — one inspiration for the album title.

“There was a nostalgic feeling between the three of us while in the studio for this record, a feeling that was more reminiscent of our first albums,” Jay DeMarcus said on the show. “The journey we’ve all been on together is unreal, and I can honestly say I’m even more excited about what is ahead for us. Back To Us is not only a title of a song on the album, but a feeling that has been building around this new music. It just fits in so many ways.”

Rascal Flatts says they took this particular album very seriously, knowing a 10th album is nothing to take for granted, especially considering they’ve been working together for more than a decade without killing each other.

“With this being our 10th album, we knew we wanted to be careful and deliberate in how we approached it,” Gary LeVox said. “This time around, the three of us have been able to really focus and work together on what we want to say at this point in our careers. We’ve all been so energized by the process of making this album, and we still have a lot more music to make, and we still actually like each other….for now.”

“Even though we do love to joke around, one of the best parts of being in the band is how much we really do enjoy each other’s company,” Joe Don Rooney added.

The new record is slated for release May 19 and is available for preorder now.

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