Many people brag and say "I can't be hypnotized..."  And I suppose that may be true for some stubborn people, but science says EVERYONE can be hypnotized.

Even better, if you are open minded, you may be the perfect candidate to try hypnosis.

Years ago, I was intrigued by what hypnosis might be able to help me accomplish in my life.

Today my own personal experience tells me that we all can be hypnotized. To put it more accurately, we all pass through a period of heightened suggestibility at least twice day...first when we are falling asleep, and then later when waking from sleep!

I've learned this from being hypnotized, and have used hypnosis to help me quit smoking and lost weight.

Hypnosis is no longer the mystical, misunderstood phenomena we remember from from old black-and-white horror movies.

It is an acknowledged scientific fact that hypnosis can help correct many negative behavior issues.

And yes, there is proof that you cannot be hypnotized to do something against your moral code. That kind of stuff only happens in the movies...bad movies!

Our radio stations sponsor Mark Patrick Hypnosis Seminars and many listeners have shared in this successful experience.

Link to Weight Loss Seminar registration page.

So go ahead, click on a few of the links in this story. Do some investigation work. Find out if hypnosis is right for you. For about the price of a carton of smokes, you can attend an hypnosis seminar and break the bonds of addiction.

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