Can celebrities be politicians? It appears as if another celeb may be throwing their hat into the political arena. Dwayne Johnson, yes, The Rock, is considering a run for President in 2020. In an interview with GQ Magazine, Johnson said the thought of running used to be just a joke. But now he's strongly considering it. Would a ticket featuring Johnson have a shot at winning? If we've learned anything about politics it's that you never say never! How many people predicted a Trump victory last fall?

Now celebrities aren't strangers to political office. Many have traded show biz for the government. Some offices were more prestigious than others.

  • Clint Eastwood - He ran for mayor of Carmel, California and won in 1986. The only reason he ran was to put up a building that the city council rejected. Once that was done, Eastwood didn't run for re-election.
  • Al Franken - He went from Saturday Night Live to Congress. He's been a Senator from Minnesota since 2009.
  • Jesse Ventura - the former pro-wrestler stepped in as a third party candidate in 1999 and won the election for governor of Minnesota.
  • Jerry Springer - He was actually a politician first. Springer was mayor of Cincinnati from 1977 to 1978. He also had an unsuccessful run for Congress before his talk show days.

The list of actors who have won the Presidency begins and ends with Ronald Reagan. Of course, the 'Gipper' also served as the governor of California before his days in the White House. Would you vote for The Rock for president? What other celebrities would you vote for if they ran for public office?


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