In the wake of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, John Deere suspended its shipments to Russia.

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In a release on Wednesday, the company said they suspended shipments to both Russia and Belarus two weeks ago.

“John Deere is deeply saddened by the significant escalation of events in Ukraine. The safety, welfare, and well-being of our employees in the region remain our top priority, and we continue to support and maintain close communication with our affected teams, providing necessary resources when possible. “

Belarus played a role in Russia invading Ukraine, said the Washington Post, which has sparked sanctions to also be placed on the country.

John Deere Foundation has been working with UN agencies and other organizations to mobilize resources to support Ukrainian.

So, who else has sanctions on Russia?

There seems to always be a new headline with a new sanction as we get deeper into the conflict. The biggest more recent one was with the oil sanctions from Biden.

But other companies have taken action into their own hands.

Reuters is currently tracking the sanctions and actions that countries, companies, and organizations around the world are taking against Russia.

Some companies that you may have heard that have taken actions against Russia include (I am only choosing a few companies to highlight here):

  • Nestle- on February 24th, Nestle temporarily closed its factories, warehouses, and its supply chain in Ukraine
  • Ford- on March 1st, Ford informed a partner that it suspended operations in Russia until further notice.
  • Toyota- March 2nd, Toyota announced it was halting production in its Russian Factory
  • Formula One- on March 3rd, the Russian Grand Prix promoter’s contract was ended.
  • McDonald’s- on March 8th, the restaurant said it was temporarily closing its restaurants in Russia
  • Starbucks- on March 8th, business activity in Russia was suspended
  • Russian Oil Imports- on March 8th, the US announced sanctions on Russian oil

**These dates are based on the announcement not the implementation of the sanctions. There are more sanctions that are in place other than the ones listed**

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