Even though the tax deadline has come and gone, a popular phone scam continues in eastern Iowa. Local police continue to warn people about the number one phone scam in the country, one that claims they are the IRS.

The Cedar Rapids Better Business Burea reports that the calls are not just coming to landlines anymore. They are also targeting cell numbers too. Experts believe the calls are coming from somewhere overseas. The calls claim to be from the IRS saying that you haven't filed your taxes, or that you still owe more money. Police also say that the calls may also claim that they have more money as part of a refund but need financial information from you to send it.

The bottom line is that the IRS will NEVER contact you by phone. They would instead send a certified letter through the U.S. Postal service. The best thing to do is to just hang up!  If you believe you've been the victim of this scam you're encouraged to call your local police department.

[via CBS2]

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