There are too many stupid phone scams out there. I'm constantly amazed by the imagination and stupidity these scams stem from. In March, the Black Hawk County Sherriff warned people of a scam that involved a victim getting a call saying there was a warrant out for their arrest. Obviously, there was no warrant, and the scammer was only after a payout.

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THESE ARE JUST SO STUPID. Does it make anyone else mad when these scammers target people who don't know better? This latest scam involves... Amazon?

No, Amazon and Jeff Bezos aren't out scamming Iowans.

This scam, which is surfacing in central Iowa, involves a caller who claims they are from Amazon. The scammer will begin the conversation with a claim that you've made a large purchase on Amazon and will ask you to pay the purchase off. If you do not pay for this "purchase", they say you will be turned over to the Federal Trade Commission.


If you do have a problem with your account, Amazon will actually email you personally. Please, do not send money to anyone you don't know. If you or anyone gets a call like this or seems a bit sketchy and is asking for your information contact the Federal Trade Commission to report a complaint here.

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