If you don't like pickles, you probably want to stay away from this new product! Hidden Valley has officially launched Pickle-Flavored Ranch Dressing, and no, it's NOT an April Fool's Day prank.

A few days ago, Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing made a big announcement on social media. They posted a video revealing the newest addition to their product line: Pickle-Flavored Ranch Dressing. The official announcement reads:

"You love ranch. You love pickles. You love the viral sensation ranch pickles. We now present: PICKLE RANCH!"

The inspiration for Hidden Valley's new ranch flavor appears to be TikTok! An article from Chew Boom mentions the TikTok trend Ranch Pickles, which is where people sprinkle Hidden Valley Ranch Seasoning onto pickles or into pickle jars. There's also a popular recipe where people are putting cheese onto a pan, wrapping it around a pickle, and then dipping it in ranch. Hidden Valley recommends their new Pickle-Flavored Ranch Dressing specifically for that recipe!

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According to Mashed, Hidden Valley's Pickle-Flavored Ranch officially launched on March 30th and is available exclusively at Walmart locations nationwide. Based on the reviews I've seen so far, people seem to be pretty split. Some are saying that it's delicious, but others are complaining that it doesn't taste pickle-y enough!

If you get your hands on a bottle of the Hidden Valley Pickle-Flavored Ranch Dressing, be sure to let us know if you like it or not! Send us your review in the comments or on the app.

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