Wellll here we are. Not even mid-October. Kids getting ready to trick-or-treat. Adults getting ready to buy, eat, buy, eat Halloween candy, and Mother Nature getting ready to make it snow. WAIT, what?

According to upcoming weather reports, Nebraska and yes, parts of Iowa, are expected to get some white stuff this weekend. And it could be measurable.

Winter may creep into eastern Nebraska at the end of this week as areas to the west and north prepare for a possible snowstorm.

A storm system packing gusty winds and plummeting temperatures will drop snow — 6 inches or more in some areas — from Montana into Colorado and across the Dakotas later this week, forecasters said.

Um, no thanks. Sadly, that system could also hit far northwestern Iowa too. In the Corridor, we *should* be in the clear. I say should 'cuz it's Iowa. Ya never know! But one thing is for sure, our temps will be downright COLD this coming weekend with or without fluffy white powder falling from the skies above.

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