What the heck happened last night on Dancing with the Stars? Is it rigged?

In case you missed it, Nyle DiMarco-America's Next Top Model, (and completely deaf), had what I thought would be perfect 10's. Now I will admit I am not a professional dancing judge, but 3 of the 4 judges agreed with me. Len, Maks, and Bruno all raised their #10 paddles, but when we go to the graphics on the screen, they show Maks & Bruno with 9's instead of 10's

Even Erin Andrews was confused as she was stating, “the graphics are wrong, the graphics are wrong." "Those are three 10s.”

Host Tom Bergeron chimed in before the commercial break... “We'll get the glittery abacus and make sure everything's fine.”

Well after the commercial break, Bergeron explained the judges scored the dance differently on a pad they send to the control room. I guess typing in a number as soon as they see it, isn't good enough?

Regardless of the paddles they hold up, whatever is on the score card is what they use. I guess there is no changing your mind.

DWTS fans are now wondering if the producers wanted to keep the scores down as we approach the midpoint of the season. Others are wondering if ABC is trying to help Ginger Zee, "Good Morning America", make it into the Top 3?

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