We see cases of animal neglect and those animals having to be removed from homes all of the time. What we don't see is the animals being exotic, or there being over 500 of them. Now we've seen it all.

According to KCCI, the Nebraska Humane Society removed somewhere around 575 live animals from a home near Omaha. Some of those removed have died due to their poor condition. The NHS found exotic birds, ferrets, rabbits, snakes, and lizards in the home all of which were in "very poor" condition. These animals were seriously neglected.

The neglect involved them living in filthy cages, and not being fed for some time. In fact, the home itself which the animals were found in appeared to be "not livable," according to the NHS. The KCCI report states that a neighbor said that the house has been in "disrepair for years," and that sometimes the roof would be "covered only by blue tarps," and that "the siding is either peeling or has holes in it." Not a place suitable for humans, let alone animals.

This was the NHS's second visit to the property resulting in the removal of animals. About 250 animals were removed back in 2008. Hopefully, another visit will never have to be made. Charges are still pending on the owner as the conditions of each animal will determine the charges. Each charge will most likely result in a class one misdemeanor or a class four felony.

The animals are currently being evaluated and treated under veterinary care. If you'd like to help them, you can donate here.

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