As we're sure you've noticed, it's cold in Iowa! We've got water towers freezing and pipes breaking across the state (and in our own building).

The below zero temperatures can be brutal at times, but it can also be pretty fun! Especially when you embrace it. There are plenty of outdoor activities to do right here in the Cedar Rapids area. If you're tired of laying around and need to get out of the house, take a visit to some of these local spots.

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    Ice Rinks

    Two outdoor ground ice rinks just opened in Cedar Rapids! So break out those skates and glide on down to Bever Park or Arthur School. These rinks are open for all recreational use, are unsupervised, and are most importantly FREE. Get rink hours here.

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    Ice Fishing

    According to the Cedar Rapids Parks and Recreation Department, the public can use local ice at park lakes "as an at your own risk activity for ice fishing and skating."

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    Cross Country Skiing

    If you love to ski, but are bummed about the lack of slopes in eastern Iowa, try cross country skiing! There are trails designated just for this at the following area parks: Cherry Hill Park, Seminole Valley Park, Ellis Golf Course, Jones Golf Course, Twin Pines Golf Course and the Sac and Fox Trail. These trails will be marked and available for use, but are not groomed.

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    Finally, the time of year when we can enjoy a childhood favorite and classic--sledding! During park hours, you can slide down the sledding hills at Bowman, Jones and Shawnee Parks! That is, as long as there's enough snow to completely cover the hills.