And just like that, it's over! Last night was part two of the 'American Idol' finale, and our Iowa gal Maddie Poppe was the big winner! Based strictly on social media, it looked like everyone was rooting for Maddie, including the majority of the eliminated contestants. I was a little worried when it came down to her and Gabby after Caleb was saved, but I knew at that moment that there was no way Maddie would be walking off that stage.

I had a few favorite moments from last night's episode, but the big one was when Caleb dropped the bomb that he and Maddie are DATING. It was literally like the end of the first Hunger Games movie with Katniss and Peeta, except, you know, nobody had to die! I follow Maddie's Instagram stories pretty closely, so I've suspected this romance for a while, but revealing the relationship during the finale of the show was the most perfect timing ever. Especially since the then were each given a vacation in Hawaii! I LOST MY MIND during this part of the show, and I'm pretty sure my apartment neighbors considered calling the cops.

As far as performances go, there were a couple last night that caused me to have mini-meltdowns. The first one was ex-contestant Layla Spring and her little sister Dyxie. Dyxie is just the cutest little nugget I've ever seen! They sang LeAnn Rimes' song "Blue," and got the surprise of a lifetime when LeAnn walked out on stage during the performance.

And then there was Katy and Catie. The judge and contestant did a duet to a stripped-down version of Katy's hit "Part of Me," and it hit me right in the feels. Not only were the vocals on point, but the message of the song and the emotion behind it really made it an extra special moment.

Here are a couple of other fun performances from last night:

What was your favorite moment from the 'American Idol' finale? Share yours with us in the comments!

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