If there's one thing about Iowans, it's that when disaster strikes we come together.

On Tuesday, the HESCO barriers in Davenport gave way, causing major flooding of the Mississippi river in parts of the downtown area. As you can see from the drone footage surveying the flood area, it's not good.

Now KWQC reports that organizations like The RiverCenter, Downtown Davenport Partnership, Moeller Nights, The River Music Experience, and Rexroat Sound RS, LLC are coming together to put on a benefit concert to help with flood recovery. The concert called "Flood Fest" will be held Friday, June 7 at the River Center in Davenport and ALL of the proceeds will support recovery efforts downtown. Details are still in the works, so there's no word yet on ticket prices or musical acts.

It will be nice to have a good time after all of the hard work and help support the progress at the same time. According to OurQuadCities.com, there's a good chance that the Mississippi will break the flooding records of 1993. That's not the news we wanted to hear. I grew up near St. Louis, MO and the flood of '93 was a major event that impacted the community, much like the '08 flood here in Cedar Rapids. The report states that "Fueled by early morning rainfall on saturated ground, water levels will now crest around 22.7 ft. tonight. The previous 1993 record is 22.63 ft."

Let's hope preparations stay in place and we recover quickly. With the dedicated people like those here in Iowa, we will prevail regardless.

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