Stop me if you've heard this one: a woman goes to the Iowa State Fair with her baby, carriage and all, gets hammered and WHACKS a State Trooper with the carriage. Pretty good one, right? Well, it really happened and the ending is less than Disney-esque.

The Ankeny woman was arrested for hitting a cop with her stroller

32-year-old Natasha Morris of Ankeny attended the Iowa State Fair on Tuesday. According to a KCRG story, she got hammered and ran her child’s stroller into an Iowa State Patrol officer's legs. What's worse, perhaps, is when the officer she jostled questioned her, a very intoxicated Morris simply told him she did it to 'see how they would react.' They reacted by arresting Morris and charging her with public intoxication and, as you might imagine, child endangerment. She was also slapped with an assault on persons in certain occupations. Never heard that one before.

Prior to her arrest, Morris was also observed attempting to remove the child from its stroller, but she stumbled and nearly dropped the child. Not a good look, Mrs. Morris. Not a good look.

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The Iowa State Fair runs through August 22

The Fair continues on through this weekend and still has high-level Grandstand shows from performers including Dan+Shay, Chris Stapleton, the Doobie Brothers, and Five Finger Death Punch. With 63 new food items this year, the best food from this year's fair has also been chosen, you can read more about the winning food item here:

Enjoy the fair and, plan a sober-stroller driver. Please.

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