Will we have an Iowan in the Top 24 this year?!

Last week, we were thrilled to find out that not one, but BOTH of our Iowa American Idol contestants had made it through round one of Hollywood Week. Sam Moss, a Winterset-native, and Haley Myles of Cedar Rapids impressed the judges during their individual performances, but next they would have to prove themselves as a team.

For the 'Duets' portion of Hollywood Week, Haley and Sam were selected to sing together. The pairing made a lot of sense, because they have quite a bit in common! Not only were both women born and raised in Iowa, but during this part of the audition process, they were both pregnant with their first child. Katy Perry, who gave birth to her daughter Daisy Dove back in August of 2020, had an emotional conversation with the duo about what it's like to be a mom. There were plenty of tears, which you can see in the video below:

Sam and Haley ended up singing Robyn's "Dancing on My Own" for their duet, and I think they sounded great! Unfortunately, only Sam made it through to the next round. It was incredibly disappointing to see Haley let go from the show, but she says that she's not giving up! A new Facebook post from Haley reads:

"My journey on American Idol may be over, but my musical journey is definitely not! I WILL BE BACK. Thank you so much for the support and new fans that have joined me from my first audition. I love you ALL so much!!! Keep watching and listening."

Sam posted an update on social media last night, as well. She wrote:

"Baby girl and I made it through the #Duets round of #HollywoodWeek! But wow, I bawled like a baby watching me and @haleymyles_ back. What an incredibly sentimental experience."

We will found out tonight (April 4th) if Sam makes it to the Top 24. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

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