We've been noticing a lot more deer in the Cedar Rapids area lately. Not just on the outskirts of town or in the fields and forests. We're talking about in the city. Like right next door. It’s not that unusual of course.

While many parts of these areas are heavily wooded, it is also quite “humanly” developed. Homes on paved streets, with curbs, sidewalks…and cars. On numerous occasions we've stepped on the brakes while traveling the southeast area of town, most recently in the vicinity of 34th St and Bever Ave. We’ve also spotted deer around Brucemore and off Cottage Grove Rd. It could be the same family of deer. But they sure do get around.

Our advice? Drive the speed limit so you can avoid a family, like the one above, if they cross your path. That, and of course keep your eyes peeled. Sights like the one below are something you don't want to miss.

photo: M. Ferris