I don't like what I'm seeing while I look out the window as I write this. Iowa's News Now WeatherFirst has escalated the situation by calling for 1-3 inches of accumulating snow Monday afternoon. It kind of hit us out of nowhere but what more can we expect from 2020?


No one was ready for this, especially not the victims of the August 10 derecho who are still cleaning up their damaged homes, perhaps still without a roof or siding on them.

It reminds us that the Iowa Derecho Resource Center is still open over two months after the storm. They tell KCRG their numbers are dropping in volunteers and donations, so now is the time to help.

The center is located at 4001 1st Ave. SE and organizers say those items most in need are pantry items such as bread, peanut butter and jelly. If you'd simply like to inquire about ways to donate or volunteer, contact them at (319) 432-9754 or set up a time here. They attribute the drop in available assistance to people returning to a sense of normalcy in their own lives, declining weather or other factors, but they hope those who are getting back to normal won't forget those still in need.

Since the beginning of derecho recovery, the Iowa Derecho Resource Page on Facebook has been the ideal guide to what's needed by whom, where, and when.

By the way, it could be worse. Below was part of Central Iowa today under a Snow Squall Warning.

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