When preparing to have a baby a lot is going through your head, especially once inside the delivery room, moments before the miracle of birth.

There's no rule book on how to act or feel as you wait for your child to arrive.

One man was roasted after an OB-GYN spilled the outrageous behavior he displayed while in the delivery room.

William Nolan shared the "unsavory" behavior via TikTok he witnessed a father do while the mother was in active labor.

"William, what's the craziest thing you've seen a dad do in the delivery room, in terms of your unsavory characters?" Carlie Nolan asked her husband, who has been delivering babies for nearly four years.

Watch the clip here:

William explained a time where a mom was having a traumatic health issue in the delivery room while the dad was completely aloof.

"Probably the winner is the mom was having a seizure, and the dad didn't stop playing his video games," the doctor said. "He just carried on with the thing. There were tons of doctors running into the room, and he was just doing whatever his video game was."

The mom ended up being okay, Newsweek reported, while Carlie told the outlet that sadly it's not an uncommon story.

"Heartbreaking how many women have had unsupportive partners in the delivery room," she added.

Users were shocked by the dad's behavior.

"From a person who actually had a seizure during labor… I would have divorced my husband so fast if he played video games during it," one person wrote, while another commented: "Video games aren’t the problem, being selfish is the problem. My husband brought video games to the delivery room but he put them down when I needed."

Others explained their experience while in labor.

"I had a seizure during my epidural and the last thing I saw was my mom running out of the room leaving me alone bc she 'didn't want to watch me die,'" a person said, while a fourth stated: "My husband fainted n he got more help than me."

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