After returning away from a few days on the road, our family got unpacked Sunday and began to get our house back in order. I began looking around the house to make sure everything was operating normally when Holly called me from the basement. She said that the furnace was making a strange noise. More specifically it was the fan that blows the cool air conditioning up into our home. And just like that, on a Sunday in August, we were without air.

Now we are getting a little lucky with the timing. Temperatures were cool all weekend and highs Monday and Tuesday are only supposed to be in the low 80's. It could be worse. And it will be worse later this week when 90-degree temps return. So at least that gives us a couple days to get someone over and make repairs. But until then, no cool air!

Its the one big problem that we have with our house. It just doesn't cross ventilate very well. We kick all the ceiling fans on high, turn on other fans in the house, and the temperature still soared to above 80 before we went to bed. I don't know about the rest of you but I have to have it COOL when I sleep. No such luck last night. I admit it. I'm a big baby when it comes to heat and humidity. I couldn't make it at a job that required me to be out in it all the time. It is also a reminder that not everyone has central air in their home. While my discomfort will only be two days tops, they live in the heat all the time. That's why it is so important to check on them during heat waves.

If you need me today I'll be easy to find. Look for the guy with sweat pouring off his head in front of his own personal fan. Waiting for the repair man.

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