If you are a dog owner in the North Liberty area, there may soon be a new place for your pup to play!

According to CBS 2, The North Liberty City Council will be meeting next Tuesday, and one of the topics of discussion will be centered around a possible dog park on the East side of the city. They are considering purchasing 11.5 acres of land to be used for the park, which will cost around $750,000 to build and include about 7-acres of fenced-in space for the dogs to run. CBS 2 reports that it will be located "at the curve where Penn Street meets North Liberty Road." 

An article from KCRG states that over 1,000 residents have expressed interest in the project and fundraising efforts are already underway. Johnson County Dog PAC has already donated $50,000 for the park, but you can also make a donation towards the project HERE.

I don't live in North Liberty, but if I did I'm sure I would love to have a nice park to let my dog run around in! What do you think about the potential park? Sound off in the comments!

[Via CBS 2/KCRG}

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