Snow days will be a thing of the past for Iowa City students this year. That's thanks to the new ability to learn virtually.

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According to KCRG, The Iowa City Community School District will have virtual learning days instead of snow days this year. No more free days off of school due to snow. Although, with the way this year has been with time off, snow days shouldn't be too missed.

The virtual learning days will vary for students depending on if they're on an on-site or off-site program. The KCRG report states that "hybrid students will meet as scheduled for those in the online learning program. On-site students will follow the Online Learning Program/100 percent Offsite Schedule, while off-site students will complete asynchronous activities as planned." Secondary hybrid students that are on-site will "follow the Friday Online Learning Program/100 percent off-site schedule, while off-site students work on the regularly planned asynchronous activities. More information on virtual learning days can be found here.

Even though school will be virtual, the district still plans to feed students by providing Grab and Go meals at designated sites on those days.

It's nice that students will still be able to learn no matter what the weather brings. Although, with all of this virtual learning, will there ever be an excuse for a snow day again?


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