A new study examined 4 million customer service calls made across the US, and found which states talk the fastest and the most.

I've always been a fast talker, but I never realized that it could be affected by what state I'm living in! Customer service calls from 2013-2015 were examined using Marchex Call DNA technology to figure out different speech patterns across America, leaving us with some interesting results.

First, let's talk about which state talks the MOST. Any guesses? If you said New York, you're absolutely correct! New York, California, New Jersey, Nevada, and Maryland are the 5 states that talk the most. Iowa came in dead last, followed by Minnesota, Wisconsin (as we learned from "Making a Murderer"), Kansas, and Oklahoma. There's actually a HUGE gap between New York and Iowa, with New Yorkers using 62 more words a minute than Iowans.

But, just because Iowans don't use a whole lot of words, doesn't mean they talk slow! The fastest talkers in the US are in Oregon, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Kansas, and, YOU GUESSED IT, Iowa. And oddly enough, all of the slowest talkers are in the south. Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, Alabama, and North Carolina make up the bottom 5.

Do you think this survey is a fair representation of each state? Or did they get it wrong? Let us know in the comments.

[Via Marchex]