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It is something we all expect and look for when we go out, and we get frustrated when we don't get it--good customer service. Luckily for us, there are apparently a ton of incredible businesses and employees in eastern Iowa that really take care of their customers. We asked you to tell us what places in the area have the best customer service and we received a ton of great responses.

There were some incredible choices, and as we know, supporting local and appreciating customer service are more important than ever right now. Staff shortages are the current trend, leaving some establishments to cut service hours. It's hard to be patient, but so many are doing their jobs  So let's give a tip of the hat (or ice cream cone, or glass of beer) to those still doing it very well.

25 Local Businesses With Great Customer Service

Who did we miss?

The responses were still coming in when I wrapped up my research so I know there's got to be more. You can answer us on the KDAT Facebook or send us a comment in REAL-TIME while visiting a local favorite that deserves our attention by dropping us a line in the free mobile app.

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