Seafood lovers, rejoice, there's another option coming to the City of Five Seasons. Cedar Rapids will soon welcome the "Crab Attack" Cajun Seafood Shack.

The new restaurant will be located in the former Daisy's Garage location at 1117 1st Ave. SE. Daisy's moved out of the location late last February and reopened at their current location at 5240 Edgewood Road NE just a couple weeks later.

What can you expect from "Crab Attack" Cajun Seafood Shack? According to their Facebook page, their menu will include "Custom Seafood Boils with different flavored sauce, and spice levels." The page also states the restaurant is independently owned and operated. Love that!

The sign along 1st Ave went up just before Christmas.

Crab Attack Cajun Seafood Shack, Facebook

When will the new restaurant open? No official opening date has been announced, but when it is we'll be sure to let you know.