Today's edition of Taste Bud Trivia was very (shall I say) "mysterious". That's because they had to eat the new Peeps mystery flavors! Now, if you know Brain and Courtlin then you know that they are not fans of this sugary marshmallow treat. And today that was especially true considering they had no idea what these things were going to taste like.

Peeps came out with new flavors for Easter that include:

  • Sour Cherry
  • Neapolitan
  • Lemon Sherbet dipped in fudge
  • Orange Sherbet dipped in fudge
  • Pancakes and Syrup

But then they came out with three new mystery flavors exclusively at Walmart for Easter. I don't know if they were supposed to taste good, but Brain and Courtlin didn't seem to enjoy them (as you can see from the video below). Oh yeah, and if you're wondering why they're on a stick, apparently it's national eat something on a stick day so I figured "why not"!?

If you decide to try the peeps for yourself, you can guess their flavors by using the hashtag #mysterypeeps. They'll reveal the mystery flavors closer to Easter.

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