I found out over the weekend, in a very unique way, about a new bakery. The woman that told me about it was so passionate about her first visit I had to learn more. I'm here to let you know what I discovered.

While I was doing a live broadcast on Saturday, a man and woman came in and we struck up a conversation about their day. They told me they'd just been to a car show but we spent most of the time talking about the place where they'd started their day. It was a new bakery in Solon called The Eat Shop.

While we were chatting, the woman told me about some of the new bakery's items and how delicious everything was that morning. She especially got me with two words... Pecan Rolls. Call 'em Sticky Buns, if you'd like. Whatever you want to call them, they're my absolute favorite.

Even though the owner has been selling orders from her home for quite some time, The Eat Shop storefront at 120 West Main Street opened for the first time Saturday morning. To say Solon loved the place would be an understatement. As a matter of fact, on Sunday they sold out of everything in about two hours! They'll be closed today (Monday) to restock. They're open Tuesday through Saturday at 6 a.m. and 7 a.m. on Sunday. Closing hours vary.

This is how they describe themselves on their Facebook page:

The Eat Shop is a boutique bakery specializing in handcrafted baked goods made entirely from scratch. Our exclusive offerings are worth the calories and worthy of indulgence. At The Eat Shop, we guarantee our food is Worth. Every. Bite.

Worth. Every. Bite. I love that slogan and I bet I'll adore the Pecan Rolls. I'll be in to try one out soon.

New Solon Bakery

The Eat Shop opened on Saturday, August 7. It's located at 120 West Main St. in Solon.

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