Fritos, Doritos, and Cheetos are all getting a bit of a makeover! New products are being tested in various markets for each of these chips, and I'll admit that I'm pretty excited about two of them.

Taco Bell rolled out the Doritos Tacos a while back, and it was named one of the most popular fast food products of all time. Now they are testing the new Fritos Taco! It comes in Original AND Chili Cheese flavor. I don't know about you, but the Chili Cheese flavor sounds AMAZING. Unfortunately, it's only being tested in Memphis, Tennessee right now, but something tells me it will be pretty popular.

Also being tested right now: Cheetos Popcorn. This product could be in movie theaters in the near future. It's Cheetos-flavored popcorn with Crunchy Cheetos mixed in. I love cheese popcorn, so I could TOTALLY get down with some Cheetos Popcorn! Bring it on!

And finally, Doritos has a product that is finally being brought to the US - limited edition Doritos "Roulette" bags. The risk is that all the chips appear to be the regular Nacho Cheese Doritos, but about one in every six is actually a super spicy chip, described as "melt-your-face" hot. I'm not too into spicy food, so this one isn't really of interest to me, but I know a ton of people who would eat it just for the game!

Would you try any of these products? Which ones?