Yesterday morning on my way home from work, I noticed a crowd of people standing in a parking lot downtown. I could tell they were looking at something, but it wasn't until I drove past and looked in my rearview mirror that I knew what it was.

According to a new Instagram post from Downtown Cedar Rapids, a new mural was unveiled yesterday. It's called "Tribute to Local Healthcare Workers," and it's located on 3rd Avenue SE. The enormous mural takes over the entire back of the old Gazette building and, very appropriately, faces the Medical District. It features five local healthcare workers.


The artist behind the mural is Isaac Campbell, a digital media specialist that's "designed, implemented, and installed more than 20 wheat pasting installations across Iowa in Ottumwa, Waterloo, and Cedar Falls." His website says that he currently lives in Ottumwa and, in addition to creating murals, also does photography and video production, creates animation/motion graphics, and has worked as a marketing director.

KCRG reports that the executive director of the Cedar Rapids Downtown District Jesse Thoeming said in a statement, “we are incredibly grateful to all the local healthcare workers on the frontlines during this pandemic. For the past 20 months, these folks have been fighting an invisible and deadly enemy, sometimes with limited weaponry. To all in local healthcare, we say ‘thank you.’”


Downtown Cedar Rapids and the NewBo and Czech Village Districts are home to all sorts of cool murals and art installations. You can see more of them HERE.

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