There's a new email scam that's been making the rounds that has to do with those new credit cards with chip technology.

Lately, every time I try to swipe my credit card to make a purchase I get a "BEEP BEEP BEEP" from the card reader telling me that I have to insert my card. I've had the chip technology for quite a while now, but stores are finally implementing the new technology. This is good news, because I the chip cards are supposedly safer and help protect you against fraud.

The bad news? Thieves are now going an older route and sending fake emails in regards to your new chip card. If you haven't received your card in the mail yet and you get an email about it, DO NOT respond. It's just an attempt to get your banking/personal info.

In an interview for Fox 5 News in New York, Bonnie Smyre, an internet security expert, said, "they're sending much more legitimate emails. It's hard to tell that they're fake. They often fake an email address so it looks like it's from your bank. They use graphics from your bank. It looks very legit then they ask you, 'You need to update your information. Your card is on the way, but before it can take effect we need your personal and banking information to be updated."

If you're ever questioning an email from your bank, don't be afraid to CALL. And don't call a number they give you on the email, find the official website for your bank and call THAT number instead. Safety first!

[Via Fox 5 NY]