If you are an avid Chipotle visitor, you are definitely going to want to pick up one of these new cards!

Starting on July 1st, you can pick up a free Chiptopia Card at any Chipotle location. What does this card do, you ask? Well, it gives you free food!

So, how this works is every time you spend over $6 on an entree, you will earn points that add up and make you eligible for different rewards. With your very first purchase on the card, you will get a free side of chips & guac. After your 4th, 8th, and 11th entree purchase, you will receive a free entree. Every time you are awarded one of those freebies, you move up to a new status level (mild, medium, hot), which can make you eligible for even MORE goodies.

The card will only work for three months (July, August, and September), and your points will reset each month. Chipotle says they WILL be listening for feedback, so who knows? Maybe this kind of thing will happen more often! Chipotle could definitely use a sales boost after their recent E. coli scare...

For more info on the new Chiptopia Care, click HERE.

[Via Time/Chipotle]

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