It all started with a camp in Cedar Rapids. Now it is an opportunity to get more kids on stage throughout the state. Through improv and incredible theaters, Yesandia is offering kids a chance to perform with professionals.


Improv is not only a fun activity in shows, but is also super helpful in the real world. The ability to adapt and process new information to create a solid conversation, sales pitch,  job interview, or anything else is so important. These skills can go on to help people for their entire life.

About Yesandia

The Yesandia brand has three features. The goal is to allow any kid an opportunity to perform.

The Camp

The Contests

The Performances with Professionals

As a student or group, you can partake in one or all three of these things. The founder is Layne Sheetz.

Sheetz went on to say,

For the past two years I’ve been working to make camp Yesandia a safe and fun place for students to do improv. This year I’m so excited to partner with my friend Jake  to make this dream a bigger reality. Yesandia is more than a camp but a whole world of improv- from showcases pairing high schoolers with professional improv groups to classes to competitions while never losing our summer camp in July. Please checkout, Yesandia, yesandiaimprov on Instagram and Facebook and share so we can get more folks involved with the lifelong skill of improv.

You Can learn more about this program, contest, and camp on their website here. 2024 has an exciting first wave of events with YA Improv. You can see that schedule below.


If you or a loved one want to get involved or take the stage you can email Sheetz at or once again reach out through the website.

It's always great seeing new opportunities open up right here in the great state of Iowa.

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