OK, here comes your Monday morning sports rant of the day. I'm sure Iowa football fans know where I'm going with this. Hawkeye running back Akrum Wadley caught a pass and took it to the house on Saturday versus North Texas. Just before he entered the end zone though, he did the unthinkable. He expressed himself. He did it in the form of what's called high stepping. He did it twice to be exact. According to the NCAA, this is a mortal sin and must be punished accordingly.

Wadley was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct. The touchdown was taken off the board. Children's eyes needed to be shielded in the stands. Yes, the fun has been taken out of football in recent years. No celebrations. We wouldn't want to show anyone up. And while I can appreciate where this whole trend started, it's gotten out of control.

All of my kids have participated in some form of youth sports. Sportsmanship is a huge deal at all levels, and rightfully so. I firmly believe that you shouldn't show up the other team, or taunt them with derogatory gestures. But it's gone too far. We aren't even allowing players to celebrate anyone. Even the NFL has seen the error of their ways and has loosened restrictions on celebrations this year. It's time for the NCAA to follow suit.

Allow players to celebrate a score. What Wadley did was a celebratory move. It wasn't intended to show up the other team. If you take the fun out of sports, what is left?

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